He’s Trying to Tell me Something



I keep seeing this scripture. My religious co-worker, Agnes, gave me a card with my name on it and this scripture for Christmas. I cried a little when she handed it to me because I used to have a similar prayer card on my vanity. I kept it there for years and it had the same background as the one Agnes gave me. It just looked so familiar, and the scripture on this card is one of my favorites.

A few days later, I was scrolling though Facebook and came across a link that Maude posted to her neighbor’s blog. I clicked on it and read the first entry or two and realized the blog was heavily centered on faith. Faith is such a personal thing… this type of blog isn’t one I would normally read. I kind of skimmed a bit and BAM! this scripture grabbed my eyeballs. It was her favorite verse.

Weird, seeing this particular scripture twice in the same week. Personally, I have been struggling with my own faith. And I’ve been worrying a lot about money since Bruce has been out of work since last June.

This morning I was driving home from a friend’s house, listening to the Top 40 station, when a song came on that I didn’t really care for. I switched to the country station instead. The very first thing I heard was the voice on the radio reciting this scripture. On the country station. Where I have never once heard a Bible verse.

So I think instead of worrying about money, I will try to remember that God has our back. He doesn’t want us to be poor. And therefore Bruce will find work soon.


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