Shortbread for Sanity

I really dislike other people’s rules. I prefer to just pretend to be in accord with everyone else. Except for when we aren’t, which is why I’ve never been good at working within any sort of religious/spiritual group. I may like aspects of them, but I don’t want to join them. This is a me party.

(These happenings will not seem to be cohesive, but they are.)

So, I was walking in the kitchen, and thinking about how awesome it would be to have some shortbread with my tea, but I’m not eating any sweets of any sort or kind, until Valentine’s Day, in an effort to kick off this plateau I had hit in losing this baby weight. Then, I thought about how I wanted to work some more in my book of shadows type-thingy (but with some modifications, because, me.) and that made me think about how adding recipes for really awesome (to me) things would be a great idea. Capture a moment in taste. So, then I thought about how it would be awesome if a recipe was actually a spell (because normally there are spells in books of….it was kind of a joke) and then you could just add some ingredients and make yourself some Shortbread for Sanity. Which, just, sounded like such an amazing name, I had to come google to see if it already existed, and then I had to write about it so it would exist. I’m even going to try to come up with an actual recipe. I’ll let you know.

But guys, Shortbread for Sanity, tell me you don’t want some with your tea?

(I did find these on google:

Whipped Shortbread – Holiday Sanity Savers

and – I never even thought of putting saran wrap on top of dough when rolling it out to eliminate stuff sticking to the pin. This is awesome.





  • S.L.



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