What do you drive during an apocalypse?

I saw this commercial for an electric car while watching Hulu today (Awkward). My immediate thought was “How would you power an electric car if there was an apocalypse?”. This is why I love the internet, because it lets me know my weird thoughts have company:

10 Vehicles for the Apocalypse

10 Best Vehicles to Survive the Apocalypse

10 Bet Ways to Maintain Your Car in an Apocalypse

10 Worst Vehicles During a Zombie Apocalypse

Then, I started wondering, with how electronically-driven things are these days, how would you get gas out of a gas pump during an apocalypse? Would our credit cards still work up to a point? How long would banking be effective without people at the helm? Would we have to break into gas pumps somehow? Again, the internet:

(I fell down a Google rabbit-hole of hypothetical apocalypse scenarios here.)

But none of that matters anymore, because of this:

5 Things Every Movie gets Wrong about Apocalypse


  • S.L.

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