We Are The Company

Hi, I’m Sheila. I am half of the current “misery in company”. I am a 30-something mother of two girls, a pre-schooler and an infant, and the wife of a husband whose responses to things tend to drive me crazy. I work with Irene, that’s how we discovered each other, and realized that our crazy now had a companion. This is our blog where we put forth our, mostly, embarrassing and hilarious (in retrospect) awkwardness, when it comes to interacting with others. There may even be a serious post here and there, but we make no promises. I like reading, writing, running, coloring books, good music across multiple genres, worrying about the worst case scenario and turning anything and everything into a philosophical conversation, one-sided though it may be.



Hey y’all! Irene Wigglesworth (aka “the other half”) here. I am an anxiety-ridden mother of two elementary-aged girls and a newly espoused wife of one devoted husband. Bless their hearts. Sheila has been my saving grace in my first year as a professional (LOL!) in the grown-up people workforce. I enjoy a lot of the same things as Sheila, although I must admit I don’t actually do any of those things on a regular basis. It’s more like I do them once every so often when I feel empowered enough to do something for myself that doesn’t involve cleaning, organizing, or playing with my friends.

This is our outlet. Our tiny avenue for being heard. Our validation that we are not alone in our struggles.


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